Elana Ganor has been guiding people, teams and organizations throughout the globe as a manager, consultant, coach and facilitator for the past ten years. Her expertise is in leadership development and after working with the both established and young leaders, she came to an understanding that every individual has the right to lead their own life to a better future, that in every one of us there is a leader.

Parallel to completing her academic thesis and MSc degree in Organizational Behaviour (a combination of Business and Behavioral Sciences), as well as training as a cross cultural coach and facilitator, Elana went through a series of powerful spiritual initiations and was trained as a healer and spiritual therapist.

Here is how Elana sees Bionima:

"Bionima is about seeing each individual as unique and as one who has been given the gift of a precious human life. In order to really acknowledge this, one needs to develop an ear that is fit for listening to the exact voice every individual brings to the space of discovery and create the counterpoint that is fit for that person. It is a process of discovery, of enfoldment, of finding the right track. This is why I see Bionima as an art, the art of living, loving and being who we truly are. It is my own life story that brought me the gift of Bionima. With the help of teachers, intuition, courage and a deep curiosity for life itself, I was able to change my own life, my own beliefs, my own habits and turn dust into magnificent gold. The deep knowledge that I was able to change, helps me believe that people can change and empower them to do so."